News & Events

KIBS Co-Director Tom Jessell one of the inaugural winners of the DECODE awards presented by Inscopix

Congrats to KIBS Co-Director Tom Jessell, one of the inaugural winners of the DECODE awards presented by Inscopix, to accelerate the discovery of neural circuit-based signatures of brain disease

The Thirty-Sixth Annual W. Alden Spencer Award and Lecture

Eric Gouaux to be awarded the 36th Annual W. Alden Spencer Award on Friday, October 17th. The title of his lecture will be, "Exciting Developments on Depression: How Antagonists and Inhibitors Block the Activity of the NMDA Receptor and Biogenic Amine Transporters"

Neurobiology & Behavior Seminar

Weekly seminar in Neurobiology & Behavior: Thursday, 10/16, 12 noon, Lila Davachi (NYU): "The life of a memory: Associative memory formation and consolidation"  

Kavli Institute NeuroLunch

Kavli Institute Neurolunch Seminar, Tuesday 10/14, 11:45 am: Ian Hall, from the lab of Darcy Kelley, presents "The Neurobiology of Social Vocal Communication"

Registration is Now Open: 2014 NTC Kavli Futures Symposium: The Novel NeuroTechnologies

Registration open for the inaugural 2014 Kavli Futures Symposium, presented by the NeuroTechnology Center (NTC) at Columbia University, to be held November 3rd and 4th

Neurobiology & Behavior Seminar

Neurobiology & Behavior Special Seminar: Friday 10/10, 3pm, Michale Fee (MIT): "A model of basal ganglia function, inspired by the songbird"

BRAIN Initiative to Fund First Decoding of a Key Brain Circuit in Mammals

KIBS Investigator Attila Losonczy awarded an NIH Brain Initiative Grant, for a collaborative project with Soltesz (UC Irvine), Buzaki (NYU) and Lisman (Brandeis) to decode the neural circuitry involved in replaying memories.

Departments of Dermatology and Physiology and Cellular Biophysics Seminar

Seminar on Tuesday, October 7th, 10:30am: Ellen Lumpkin, "The Neurobiology of the Skin”

Thesis defense: Timothy Spellman

Timothy Spellman, joint student in the Gordon/Gogos laboratories, will defend his thesis, entitled, "Modulation of Hippocampal-Prefrontal Circuitry in Spatial Working Memory," on Wednesday, October 8nd, at 1:30pm, in Hellman Auditorium.  

Neurobiology & Behavior Seminar

Weekly seminar in Neurobiology & Behavior: October 9, 12 noon, Sliman Bensmaia (University of Chicago): " Biological and bionic hands: natural neural coding and artificial perception"