Recent News and Publications

Nov 2015 (News & Events) Upcoming PhD student thesis defenses in Neurobiology & Behavior: 11/24 - Rachel Kolster (Javitch lab), 12/1 - Marcu Russo (Siegelbaum/Axel labs), 12/1 - Jalal Baruni (Salzman lab) ... Read
Nov 2015 (News & Events) Neurolunch: Tuesday, 11/24, Qian Sun from the Siegelbaum Lab, "Dendritic and synaptic mechanisms underlying cortico-hippocampal information processing." ... Read
Nov 2015 (News & Events) Neurobiology & Behavior Seminar: Thursday 11/12, noon, Howard Eichenbaum (Boston University), "The hippocampus in space and time." ... Read
Nov 2015 (News & Events) S. Lawrence Zipursky (UCLA, HHMI) will present the 2015 Louisa Gross Horwitz Prize Lectures on Thursday November 12th: "A fly's eye view of neural circuit development" at 10am in Davis Auditorium; "Molecular diversity, cell recognition, and the assembly of neural circuits" at 3:30pm in Alumni Auditorium. ... Read
Oct 2015 (News & Events) Stavros Niarchos Foundation Brain Insight Lecture Series: Richard Axel, M.D., 11/4/15, "Scents and Sensibility: Representations of the Olfactory World in the Brain.".   ... Read
Oct 2015 (News & Events) Kavli Foundation Spotlight Live: A Call for 'Brain Observatories' - Watch the Live Webcast with Miyoung Chun, Michael Roukes, and KIBS Co-Director Rafa Yuste, Friday 10/30 at 1pm EDT ... Read