Recent News and Publications

Oct 2017 (News & Events) Upcoming NB&B Seminars: 10/26/17, Richard Huganier (JHU); 11/2/17, Peter Rudebeck (MSSM) ... Read
Oct 2017 (News & Events) Carla Shatz, ZMBBI's first Visiting Scholar, will present a talk on 10/19/17 at 4pm in the Greene Science Center, "Saving the Synapse: Developmental Critical Periods and Alzheimer's Disease." ... Read
Oct 2017 (News & Events) 10/26/17: NB&B PhD candidate Jessica Jiminez (Hen Lab) thesis presentation: Control of Anxiety-Related Behavior by the Ventral Hippocampus ... Read
Oct 2017 (News & Events) NB&B Special Panel Discussion, 10/26/17: "Does neuroscience need behavior to understand brain-behavior relationship?"   ... Read
Sep 2017 (News & Events) NB&B Seminar: Thursday 10/5/17, Sebastian Seung (Princeton), "Dense anatomy and physiology of neural circuits: from retina to cortex." ... Read
Sep 2017 (News & Events) NB&B Thesis Defense 9/29/17: Christophe Dupre (Yuste Lab), "Non-overlapping neural networks in Hydra vulgaris." ... Read