Recent News and Publications

Oct 2015 (News & Events) Seminar at NYSPI: Lars Muckli (University of Glasgow), "Predictive coding of auditory and contextual information in early visual cortex - evidence from layer specific fMRI brain reading." Thursday 10/15, 10am   ... Read
Oct 2015 (News & Events) Save the Date: 37th Annual W. Alden Spencer Award and Lecture - Loren Looger (HHMI Janelia) and Atsushi Aiyawake (Riken), 10/29, 5pm ... Read
Oct 2015 (News & Events) NeuroLunch Seminar, Thursday 10/6, Anita Burgos (Grueber Lab), "Neural circuitry controlling body posture gates nociceptive escape behavior in Drosophila" ... Read
Oct 2015 (News & Events) The Kavli Foundation established three new neuroscience institutes at Johns Hopkins, Rockefeller, and UCSF ... Read
Oct 2015 (News & Events) Dept. of Neuroscience special seminar, Monday 10/5, Ya-Hui Chou (Academia Sinica): "Wiring variability of Drosophila olfactory local interneurons" ... Read
Oct 2015 (News & Events) Weekly seminar in Neurobiology & Behavior: Thursday 10/8, Attila Losonczy (Columbia): "Assembly and Functional Organization of Hippocampal Microcircuits for Spatial Navigation and Episodic Learning." ... Read