Recent News and Publications

Sep 2016 (News & Events) Mary Hatten (Rockefeller University) will present the 42nd Annual Andrew Mark Lippard Memorial Lecture on Thursday, 9/29, at 5pm. ... Read
Sep 2016 (News & Events) Coordinating Global Brain Projects, a meeting to promote collaboration in emerging large-scale international brain projects, will be held at Rockefeller University on Monday 9/19/16. ... Read
Sep 2016 (News & Events) Neurobiology & Behavior Seminar, Thursday 9/15, 12 noon: Dr. Prakash Kara (Medical University of South Carolina), “Synaptic, Spiking and Vascular Cortical Maps of Sensory Stimulus Selectivity.”   ... Read
Sep 2016 (News & Events) Leora Fox, a PhD candidate in Ai Yamamoto's lab, will present her thesis Thursday, 9/15: “Alfy mediates the turnover of huntingtin and modifies pathogenesis in mouse models of Huntington’s disease.”   ... Read
Aug 2016 (News & Events) Shobhit Singla, an MD/PhD student in Nate Sawtell's lab, will defend his thesis on Thursday 8/4/16, titled, "A cerebellum-like circuit in the auditory system cancels self-generated sounds."   ... Read
Jul 2016 (News & Events) NB&B Thesis Defense: Shobhit Singla, from the Laboratory of Nate Sawtell. Thursday, 8/4/16, 1pm. ... Read