Recent News and Publications

Feb 2016 (News & Events) Neurobiology & Behavior weekly seminar, Thursday 2/11/16, 12 noon: Alla Karpova (HHMI Janelia), "Decision-making under uncertainty: Probing the neural basis of mental models"   ... Read
Feb 2016 (News & Events) Lyudmila Kushnir, NB&B PhD candidate in Stefano Fusi's lab, will present her thesis talk on Tuesday, February 9, at 10 AM, in Hellman Auditorium in Pardes Bldg, NY State Psychiatric Institute at 1051 Riverside Dr. The title of her presentation is “The Role of Hippocampus in Signal Processing and Memory."   ... Read
Feb 2016 (News & Events) Kavli NTC Neurolunch Seminar: Tuesday, 2/9/16, 12 noon, Rachael Dufflié PhD, Lomvardas Lab, "Translational regulation by RNA-binding protein Mex3a and Olfactory Receptor Choice" ... Read
Jan 2016 (News & Events) Neurobiology and Behavior Seminar, Thursday 1/14, noon: ROY V. SILLITOE (Baylor College of Medicine), "Synaptic Origins of Cerebellar Disease" ... Read
Jan 2016 (News & Events) Neurolunch, Tuesday, 1/12, noon: Clay Lacefield (Bruno Lab), "Behavioral rewards influence top-down inputs into primary sensory cortex via apical dendrites"   ... Read
Jan 2016 (News & Events) Seminar in Neurobiology & Behavior, Thursday 1/7, 12p: ANDRES MARICQ, PhD (University of Utah), "The Machinery of Memory: Delivery, Removal and Plasticity" ... Read