Sense 2 Synapse 2017 Conference

Saturday, April 8th, The Rockefeller University
By Sense2Syapse
April 4, 2017

The final program for the Sense 2 Synapse  conference is online:

Registration for participation will remain open until April 5th. You can register here:

Join us for a day of interesting neuroscience presentations and further discussions during breakfast, lunch, and our legendary wine reception !

The organizing team
Christoph Kirst
Florian Berger
Jeremie Barral
Gonzalo Otazu
Nicolas Renier
Sense 2 Synapse 2017

 Breakfast & Introduction
 Gaby Maimon (The Rockefeller University)
 Quantitatively tuned efference copies in Drosophila
 Contributed Short Talks
 Erin Barnhart (New York University)
 Multi-layered nonlinear integration of local motion cues underpins efficient coding of global motion patterns in Drosophila
 Menachem Katz (The Rockefeller University)
 Repetitive behavior mediated by glutamate is controlled by astrocyte-like glia in C. elegans

 Coffee Break
 Larry Abbott (Columbia University)
 A Novelty Detector in the Fly
 Contributed Short Talks
 Luca Mazzucato (Stony Brook University)
 Expectation modulates network dynamics in sensory circuits
 Leenoy Meshulam (Princeton University)
 Place and non-place: collective coding in large hippocampal networks
 Lunch Break & Poster Session
 Nicole Rust (University of Pennsylvania)
 Single-trial familiarity memories for objects and scenes
 Contributed Short Talks
 Na Young So (Columbia University)
 Representation of an intention toward a delayed action by neurons in the parietal cortex
 Izumi Fukunaga (OIST Graduate University)
 Task-dependent tuning of the olfactory bulb
 Coffee Break
 Sarah Woolley (Columbia University)
 Early social experience couples auditory tuning and vocal acoustics
 Contributed Short Talks
 David S. Deutsch (Princeton University)
 From Courtship Song Processing to Behavior in Drosophila Females
 Srivatsun Sadagopan (University of Pittsburgh)
 Optimal features for auditory recognition