News & Events

Report on the Kavli Futures Symposium

Highlights of last fall's Kavli Futures Symposium: The Novel Neurotechnologies, are now available on the Kavli Foundation website.

Special Seminar

Special Seminar sponsored by The Mortimer B. Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute, 5/20/15, 11:30am: Sean Escola, “Sequence generating recurrent neural networks: A novel view of cortex, thalamus, and the basal ganglia.”  

Neurobiology & Behavior Seminars

Upcoming Tuesday seminars in Neurobiology & Behavior. 5/14/15: William Newsome (Stanford), "Neural population dynamics in prefrontal cortex indicate changes-of-mind on single behavioral trials;" 5/21/15: Takao Hensch (Harvard), "Balancing plasticity/stability across brain development."  

Ann Kennedy selected as the winner of the 2014-15 Kavli Institute Award for Distinguished Research in Neuroscience

Ann Kennedy, Neurobiology and Behavior graduate student from the laboratory of Larry Abbott, is the winner of the 2014-15 Kavli Institute Award for Distinguished Research in Neuroscience  

Neurobiology & Behavior Seminar

Weekly seminar in Neurobiology & Behavior: Thursday, 5/7/15, 12:00pm, Fan Wang (Duke University): "Tagging and Manipulating Neural Circuits for Specific Behaviors"  

Neurolunch Returns May 19th

There will be no NeuroLunch 5/5 of 5/12. NeuroLunch returns on 5/19 with a presentation by Maura Boldrini, NYSPI  

Historic AAAS Kavli Competition Expands to Honor Excellence in Science Journalism Worldwide

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) announced a global expansion of its historic science journalism awards program, thanks to an additional generous endowment from The Kavli Foundation.  

Kavli Institute NeuroLunch

Kavli Institute Neurolunch Seminar, Tuesday 4/28/15, 12:00pm: John Jones-Molina, from the Sahin Lab, presents "Nano-mechanical probing of neuronal synapses and synaptic activity"  

Getting Beyond a Blind Date with Science

Alan Alda will give a free, public lecture on science communication, with introductory remarks by Eric Kandel, on May 6th at Miller Theatre

Neurobiology & Behavior Seminar

There will be no Neurobiology & Behavior seminars on April 23rd or April 30th. They will return on May 7th.